HYUK PIcture



Mission Statement

"Hindu Youth UK (HYUK) seeks to encourage a better understanding of Hindu spirituality and culture in Britain, among people of all ages and from all walks of life, in particular young people.”


Aims of HYUK

HYUK aims to develop interest in the Hindu culture among youth from all backgrounds. It also aims to provide a forum that encourages greater co-operation and interaction between Hindu Youth organisations.

HYUK is a unique initiative encouraging youth to discuss the relevance of the Hindu faith and celebrate its depth and diversity. In addition, it provides a platform for youth to address social and moral issues faced by young Hindus in Britain today.

For many years, HYUK has organised a spectrum of events across the UK celebrating the rich Indian culture and Hindu heritage. From educational activities, such as lectures and seminars, to entertaining events like carnivals and festivals, HYUK has been active in creating opportunities for all to celebrate and appreciate the diversity and richness of the Hindu culture.