HYUK PIcture



A seed is sown

Hindu Youth UK (HYUK) was the bold shoot that emerged from an ideological seed, sown at a lecture hosted by the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies (OCHS). There was strong appreciation, by students, for the rich religious and cultural heritage of Hinduism, that this prestigious centre offered them. Exposed to the student’s experiences, community elders were moved and inspired. There was an overwhelming desire to create a forum that would allow this spirit of appreciation in Hindu heritage to be preserved, shared and grown.


The roots emerge …

Hindu Youth Festival 2001

Following the milestone OCHS forum, youth from across the UK were inspired into dynamic action, by the vision of the first event of its kind, dedicated to the celebration of Hinduism, by the youth. Under the guidance of inspired religious and community leaders, the youth went on to hold a nine day event, on a scale never previously undertaken. In the Summer of 2001, the first ever Hindu Youth Festival was hosted in London. The format was an unforgettable evening of activities staged to celebrate and appreciate the diversity and richness of the Hindu culture. This, coupled with daytime activities of a Mahavishnu Yagna and recital of the Bhagavat Katha by Bhaishri Rameshbhai Oza, injected into the youth, new found confidence and pride in the vision of Hindu Heritage.
The shoots emerge…

The success of the festival inspired the youth into action and full realisation of the critical importance of unity in action. Youth from various spiritual, cultural, educational and social backgrounds, united in the view that it was important for them to collaborate their experiences, creativity and resources. Thus the shoots of the seed emerged, in the formation of Hindu Youth UK.


The first stems…

Get Connected

The Hindu Youth Festival generated much interest across the UK. On the confidence of this success, HYUK went onto organise “Get Connected” events in 2002. “Get Connected” celebrated the Hindu faith by incorporating a unique combination of spirituality, culture and lifestyle all under one roof. The events took place across the country, with the first being hosted in Preston, then at the prestigious Alexandra Palace in London and the last at the Centenary Square in Birmingham. This was followed by a “Get Connected” festival, in Leicester, in 2004.


Forming of an official Organisation

Get Connected highlighted a need expressed by many individuals and organisations. It was strongly felt that HYUK should be an established and recognised entity, with which they can interact with more effectively. In recognition of this need, HYUK became an official organisation. We currently plan to soon to gain a not-for-profit charity status, for the organisation.